Top 20 Best Everyday Carry Multifunction Tools

Multifunctional tools, sometimes known as multi-tools, are among the most useful items you can acquire.

They’re like carrying along a whole toolbox full of the equipment you’re likely to need in the great outdoors.

Although they may have some common features and capabilities, different multipurpose tools each have their own form and mode of operation, which determines which jobs are best suited to them.

In case you’ve thought about wholesaling multi-tool EDC items but were overwhelmed by the sheer number of brands out there, you’ve come to the correct spot.

These are the top 20 every day carries (EDC) multi-tools that every knife aficionado needs.

1.   Shieldon Plastic Handle Army Knife

As the name suggests, this multi-functional tool from Shieldon has a plastic handle that significantly decreases total weight, making it easier to transport.

When you consider how hefty these instruments may get, this is a major benefit for folks who like moving about.

There are several uses for it, including a bottle opener, corkscrew, and even a little knife. This is the way to go if you value ease of use.

2.   Shieldon Aluminum Army Knife

Nothing compares to this incredible multitool in terms of design. It has a steel grip and an aluminum body.

Black anodized metal is used for the majority of the tool, with the exception of the handle.

Common tools included in multitools include a blade, saw, can opener, nail file, Phillips screwdriver, and scissors.

This knife is light enough (at 83 grams) to keep in your pocket at all times.

3.   Shieldon Multi-Plier Tool

Shieldon Multi-Plier is a tool built to withstand tough conditions. The majority of the handle is made out of sturdy anodized aluminum, ensuring its durability.

For individuals who place a premium on outward looks, the silver color and high shine will appeal greatly.

A nylon sheath is included for individuals who value constant security for their equipment. It includes over 14 different tools, such as a wire cutter, can opener, keychain, and nail file.

4.   Gerber Shard Multi-Tool

This compact multi-tool has around seven uses and is approved for use in airports by the Transportation Security Administration.

The titanium nitride coating makes it seem exceedingly sleek and polished.

It’s simple, it doesn’t need any assembly, and you can use it right out of the box to do things like open bottles. Stripping wires and doing a variety of other minor tasks is one of the few tasks that you can do with this knife.

5.   Leatherman Skeletool CX Multi-Tool

This sleek multi-tool serves several purposes with its seven integrated tools. As a knife, it has a unique and attractive design that many people would like.

It’s constructed primarily of stainless steel and has a carabiner integrated into the handle, allowing you to use it with only one hand. The device has a removable bit-driver that may be swapped out for a new one as it wears out.

6.   Victorinox Pioneer X Alox Multi-Tool

The fantastic everyday carry tool from Victorinox, one of the oldest brands of multi-tools, is made for those who need a sturdy army knife to get them through any crisis.

Built with Alox scales and Sandvik stainless steel, it has 9 distinct functions.

The same Swiss firm that produces the iconic Swiss Army knife also produces this knife.

7.   BigIDesign TPT Slide Multi-Tool

This is an eye-catching multi-tool with 14 functions that weigh roughly 2.39 oz. It is very adaptable and made of high-quality materials such as titanium and stainless steel.

It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor activities. A scraper edge, a flathead screwdriver, a blade, a bid driver, and a universal wrench are among the pieces of equipment included.

8.   SOG PopGrip Multi-Tool

The SOG PopGrip Multi-Tool is not your standard carry multi-tool.

It’s a compact EDC that can easily fit behind your phone. It is incredibly little, and it is difficult to believe that it stores five distinct instruments.

It’s small enough to fit between your fingers, but don’t let that fool you; it’s just as competent as any other multi-tool on our list.

9.   EverRatchet Clip Multi-Tool

This intricate-looking device is actually a versatile tool with 12 capabilities, though it may resemble a simple pin at first glance.

It’s built out of titanium and has a bunch of useful tools including a bottle opener, screwdriver, file, and seven various-sized wrenches.

That it can fit in the palm of your hand and weighs just 0.56 oz is very remarkable.

10.   CRKT Pry Cutter Multi-Tool

The CRKT Pry Cutter Multi-Tool is a top-tier product among CRKT’s many other offerings. You can easily conceal this in the palm of your hand, and its light weight of 1 oz means you won’t even notice it while you’re wearing it.

This little tool is composed of stainless steel and serves several purposes.

11.   Havalon Evolve

Havalon Evolve is a dependable product that includes many of the sturdy equipment that explorers may want.

One item that sticks out from the others is a set of pliers since they can be used for so many different types of repairs outside and are therefore ideal for drivers who like taking long trips.

12.   Irwin 5WR Vise-Grip

This durable multi-tool pair of pliers is linked to a number of additional tools that may be used for a variety of mechanical tasks outdoors and inside.

It is made from durable materials that will allow you to use it without replacement or maintenance for many years to come.

13   The James Brand Ellis Knife

The Sandvik steel-custom multitool is one of the most simple tools on this list.

Among many others, it contains a scarper, a bottle opener, a knife blade, and a screwdriver.

In addition, it has a lock back mechanism, which is uncommon among multipurpose tools. This locking system increases safety since it keeps everything in place even when pressure is applied.

14.   Swiss+Tech Key Ring

The Swiss+Tech Key Ring is distinguished by its one-of-a-kind appearance. When closed, it looks like a solid piece of metal and can withstand a lot of abuse. It has more features than most of the other tools hereā€”over 18 in total.

Not only that but there’s a keychain attachment so you may always have it handy in case of an unexpected crisis.

This incredible device has several tools, such as screwdrivers, a scraper, and little pliers.

15.   RoverTac 12-in-1 MultiTool

If you’re shopping for a multi-tool that will serve you well for years to come, the RoverTac 12-in-1 is a good option.

It has the whole suite of qualities necessary for use in demanding environments, such as those encountered when camping or hunting.

Despite its extensive feature set, it is not too cumbersome to be comfortably carried about all day.

It’s difficult to break because it’s made up of many metal parts that work together to prevent tools from ever becoming dull, no matter how much work you put into them.

The matte black exterior finish is particularly striking, making it an attractive option for those who value aesthetics.

16.   Spyderco Wrench

The numerous useful implements included in this sleek multitool include a blade, pliers, scissors, and screwdrivers.

It is built to last and can withstand any kind of use because of the superior materials it is made with.

It’s quite versatile and may be very useful in the great outdoors. In exchange for the higher price tag, however, you can expect high levels of quality and consistency.

It’s the ideal tool for the do-it-yourself repair enthusiast, and it even comes with additional bits for the screwdriver.

Even when held in the palm of your hand, you’ll notice that the design is sleek and comfortable to use.

17.   Stanley 84-519K

The Stanley multi-tool is built to last out of high-quality steel and has a variety of useful instruments in one compact device, such as standard blades, nail files, bottle openers, pliers, and more.

It is suitable for any task, whether inside or out. Those who spend a lot of time outside camping and hunting might benefit from it.

It would also be useful for long-distance drivers since it is an excellent tool to have on hand for all the little repairs that need precision tools.

18.   WOKit Carabiner Multi-Tool

WOKit Carabiner Multi-Tool is not your average EDC tool. It comes with a variety of tools that may be used for larger jobs like securing a bed or a bicycle.

The most typical purpose of the tool is a spanner that can be adjusted to suit any kind of bolt.

This is an excellent multi-tool for car owners and long-distance bikers who may have a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

Other useful tools included in this set are a bottle opener, a nile fail, and a blade, among others.

19.   SOG PowerLock

This all-black multi-tool has a matte finish and consists of many tools that are useful both outside and inside.

You will discover very dependable pliers first, followed by many blades, a saw, and a bottle opener, among many more.

It is made from 420 steel, one of the toughest materials available, and has a black oxide coating for an appealing appearance.

This ensures that you will keep this tool for a very long period without having to worry about corrosion or wear.

This multipurpose tool is value at roughly $50 since it offers more functionality than similar-priced alternatives.

20.   Leatherman Wingman

This is another excellent Leatherman tool that will solve all your problems. It is exquisitely crafted with a silver exterior covering a steel exoskeleton.

It has 14 functions, including grooming scissors, a bottle opener, a nail file, a set of pliers, numerous blades, and a screwdriver.

Not only is it inexpensive, but its durable design belies its low price.

It is the sort of EDC multitool that you confidently bring into the wilderness, knowing that you have a backup plan for any conceivable situation.

It is lightweight and can fit in the palm of your hand when closed, making it the sort of hidden EDC you should bring with you if you visit a nation where knives are prohibited.

Final Thoughts

Multi-tools are here to stay, and despite their tough design, they are an excellent backup item to bring with you while venturing out. Some of the best-value overall knives are also the most versatile.

You should take your time researching different companies that are just as competent before making a final choice.

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