Top 10 Best Knife of Shieldon 2022

In the world of everyday carry (EDC) knives, Shieldon is set to be one of the best brands in 2022.

With its wide range of pocket-sized blades designed for both manual and assisted opening, this EDC knife brand has something to offer everyone.

Whether you’re a professional tradesman or just looking for an all-purpose utility blade, Shieldon’s well-crafted knives are sure to have what you need.

Their combination of quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and innovative features make them one of the best EDC knife brands on the market today.

Read on to learn more about why Shieldon should be your go-to choice when it comes time to buy a new EDC blade!

Wide Range of Products By Shieldon

1)   Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A by Matthew Szymanski and Shieldon

With its honeydew finish, the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A captivates attention while still clinging to its classic design.

The lock mechanism is a nested liner lock, and it has sophisticated materials such as a contoured G10 for the handle material. The knife has a thumb stud and a flipper that may be used to open it.

The finish of the pocket clip is bead blast, and it has been heating treated to ensure its strength and longevity.

The creation of this item is where its beauty resides; every component is produced by hand from the highest quality materials and precisely engineered to give a dependable and long-lasting performance.

Moreover, its ergonomic design makes it suitable for various settings and provides an enjoyable experience. With these key features, you’ll have a dependable instrument that will last quite a long time.

2)   Blacksmith MT01A Colibri collaboration with Max Tkachuk

Shieldon EDC knife, MT01A Colibri, 154CM blade, G10 handle, nested liner lock, Max Tkachuk (Ukraine) design

The Colibri knife boasts a whopping 154CM as an impressive, high-grade steel blade. With this top-notch combination of corrosion resistance and hardness, you get the best value at an unbeatable price!

This knife’s drop-point blade shape and spin swedge allow it to effortlessly cut and slice through the majority of materials, rendering it an invaluable tool for many everyday tasks.

With its ceramic ball bearing and sleek front flipper, opening this knife is a breeze. The mechanism moves the point of leverage closer to the pivot than conventional knives, allowing you to open it effortlessly in no time!

The G10 handle is matched with a blue and yellow backspacer for a splash of color and a touch of uniqueness.

This item serves multiple purposes – it can act as both a survival instrument and an ornamental piece, making it all the more appealing and convenient to keep.

Overall, the design is simple to assemble and has a neat appearance thanks to the handle’s single SS416 T8 size screw.

3) EG01A Blacksmith Viper in collaboration with Eric Garza

Shieldon EDC knife, Pocket Knife, EG01A Viper, 154CM blade, G10 handle, nested liner lock, Eric Garza (USA) design

If you need a reliable knife that won’t break the bank, consider the Blacksmith Viper EG01A.

The high-quality materials used to make this knife ensure that it will stay razor-sharp even after extensive usage.

The EG01A knife, with its sleek and snake-like form, is an excellent option for any cutting task.

The EG01A was originally designed as a simply fixed knife, but Shieldon made some adjustments so that it could be carried as a pocket knife.

Shieldon paid close attention to the procedure since it is not easy to convert a big fixed knife into a folding knife that is suitable for daily use despite its enormous size and survival style.

The knife features a robust frame lock and is equipped with a stainless steel blade, ensuring that it will last for many years.

T8 screws and two standoffs give the EG01A’s handle the strength, security, and simplicity it needs.

The nested liner lock improves the knife’s use and makes it more suited to the EDC variation on the folding knife.

In addition, the knife’s tangerine G10 scales give it a more sophisticated and contemporary look.

4) Pocket Knife Barraskewda D2 Blade 3Cr14

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Barraskewda D2 Blade 3Cr14 + Carbon Fiber Handle 9042S1-G

Barraskewda knives are made to be purchased as a set, and each knife is a different color. Two of these tones are black with a grey titanium coating and black with a black titanium coating.

Shieldon uses high-quality components, such as 3Cr14+ carbon in the handles, to make their knives feel great in the hand.  The handles also feature a stainless steel body, adding to its durability and strength.

The Barraskewda knives have a total length of 219mm/8.62”. The pocket knife is lightweight and easy to carry due to its size and weight-bearing capacity, which makes it perfect for EDC use.

The locking mechanism is a frame lock that ensures the blade won’t slip during use.

The blade finish is a titanium coating that provides long-term protection and best-in-class performance.

5) Folding Pocket Knife Tortank 9Cr18Mov 67-Layer Damascus Steel Blade G10 by Django

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Tortank 9Cr18Mov 67-Layer Damascus Steel Blade G10 + Carbon Fiber Handle 7091D1

Folding pocket knives with the tango design have high-quality G10 or carbon fiber handles.

The Tortank blade is made of a 9Cr18MoV 67-layer Damascus steel that excels in tough outdoor conditions.

The blade of a Tortank folding pocket knife may be opened and closed securely and with confidence thanks to a dependable open mechanism. Shieldon’s pocket knives’ convenience and ease of use are enhanced by these qualities.

The Tortank folding pocket knife has a full-flat grind that allows it to easily cut through a variety of materials with ease.

The handle is designed with comfort in mind and features a contoured shape that fits nicely in your hand.

6) Folding Pocket Knife Bazoucan D2 Blade G10 Handle 9050G

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Bazoucan D2 Blade G10 Handle 9050G1

The blade’s style is a sheepsfoot with a flat grind for fast and precise slicing.

The Bazoucan D2 blade is made of high-quality D2 steel, which is renowned for its excellent edge retention and hardness.

The blade also features a black titanium coating that prevents rust and increases its resistance to wear,  making it incredibly durable and long-lasting.

The handle, on the other hand, is made of G10 for a secure and comfortable grip. It also has steel liners for added strength, making it one of the best EDC knives in Shieldon’s range.

The open way is equipped with a flipper and a hole opener, which makes it easier to open the blade and provides a faster response.

7) Folding Pocket Knife Empoleon D2 Blade G10 Handle 9049G1-B

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Empoleon D2 Blade G10 Handle 9049G1-G

Shieldon’s Empoleon folding pocket knife is a unique and modern design that uses D2 steel for its blade, which makes it incredibly strong and durable.

The blade features a black titanium coating that prevents rust and increases its resistance to wear, making it an excellent choice for everyday carry.

The handle is made of G10, which makes it comfortable and secure in the hand. It also has steel liners for added strength, making it one of the best EDC knives in Shieldon’s range.

The Empoleon folding pocket knife has a unique open-way system of a flipper.

It is designed to be comfortable in the hand, lightweight, and easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for everyday carry.

8) Fixed Fishing Knife 3Cr13 Blade PP + TPR Handle FX-FK101

OEM Fixed Fishing Knife 3Cr13 Blade PP + TPR Handle FX-FK101

The blade material used is 3Cr13 stainless steel, which is known for its excellent edge retention and corrosion resistance.

The handle of this folding fishing knife is made from PP + TPR, which is a lightweight and durable material that offers a comfortable grip.

The blade features a black coating, giving it an attractive look and providing an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

9) 12-in-1 army knife aluminum color handle outdoor use MC-PL-101

OEM 12 in 1 army knife aluminum color handle outdoor use MC-PL-101

A martensitic stainless steel with magnetism, excellent hardness, and the ability to be preheated for welding, 2Cr13 has these characteristics. As opposed to A302 and A307, austenitic stainless steel electrodes for welding do not need any preheating in order to function properly.

The 12-in-1 army knife is made of 2Cr13 stainless steel and an aluminum color handle, making it highly durable to withstand outdoor use.

It includes 12 different tools and functions, including a saw blade, screwdriver, scissors, bottle opener, corkscrew, leather punch, and more.

This multi-functional tool is designed to be lightweight and comfortable to carry, making it an ideal choice for camping and outdoor activities.

10) Throwing knives custom blade black color 1 set 3 pieces HH-9122

OEM throwing knives custom blade black color 1 set 3 pieces HH-9122

The best knives don’t have to be big and bulky. Shieldon’s throwing knife set is designed to make a statement with its sleek design and custom blades.

The blades are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them incredibly strong and durable. They also feature a black coating for a stylish look and increased protection against corrosion.

This throwing knife set includes three pieces, making it great for all levels of skill. They are designed to be lightweight and balanced so that they can be thrown accurately.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced thrower, these knives offer superior performance and reliability.

Success Story of Shieldon

Shieldon began our journey in 1998 as the direct descendant of DKS Enterprises Co., Ltd. – a company rooted in Yangjiang, China.

For more than two decades, Guangdong Shieldon Technology Co., Ltd. (a subsidiary of DKS) has offered nothing but the highest quality pocket knives, multi-tools and other products in a cutthroat international market.

Shieldon is devoted to creating, producing, and delivering high-quality pocket knives and multi-functional tools for outdoor use around the world.

Shieldon was one of the first enterprises involved in international commerce to start taking part in professional exhibitions in 2000.

Shieldon has blossomed into one of the top EDC knife companies globally, with a relentless emphasis on creativity and quality. In 2004, they were honored to be recognized as “AAA++ China Quality Credit Enterprise” by the China Quality Credit Evaluation Center.

In 2005, the host brand FASAKA was able to successfully register in both Italy and France thanks to the company’s expertise as an exporter and its certification as a manufacturer to the ISO9001:2000 standard.

Their superior manufacturing expertise combined with our advanced production equipment, as well as ISO9001:2015 certifications, guarantee that every product meets the highest standards of excellence.

Shieldon is primed to exceed the expectations of our clients by providing efficient, cost-effective services.

Their professional team has exclusive access to the finest materials in the market so that they can choose only reputable vendors for our projects.

Additionally, staying apprised of cutting-edge advancements in production, design, and packaging allows us to guarantee top-notch industry results with every project.

Shieldon Provides a Wide Range of OBM and OEM Services

OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer)

Shieldon’s OBM capabilities include the customization and manufacture of items according to customer requirements.

Shieldon is able to produce a wide range of products that include pocket knives, multi-tools, and other cutting tools.

The company’s attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and strict quality control processes ensure that customers are always getting the best product possible.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

Shieldon is also an expert at providing OEM services, handling customer designs, and turning them into a finished product.

The company provides expert consultation, design, and even packaging and shipment services to ensure that a customer’s vision is brought to life in the best way possible.

The company is also well-versed in working with a variety of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber.


In conclusion, Shieldon is the best EDC knife brand in 2022. Their knives are designed to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable in the hand.

Should you need a reliable everyday carry knife, look no further than Shieldon. With its range of fixed and folding knives, as well as throwing knives and multi-functional tools for outdoor use, you’ll find the perfect EDC tool for any situation.

All their products are made from the best materials and craftsmanship to ensure long-lasting performance. So if you’re looking for the best EDC knife brand in 2022, Shieldon is your best bet.


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