The Step-by-Step Process of Making the Shieldon MT01 Colibri Blacksmith

Looking for a new pocket knife? You’ve probably come across Colibri. This knife has acquired popularity due to its small size, sharp double-edged blade, and lightweight construction, making it ideal for carrying everywhere.

Renowned Ukrainian industrial designer Max Tkachuk collaborated with Shieldon to create the Colibri in 2022. Tkachuk was inspired to make a beautiful and practical utility knife by his early fascination with blades.

The Colibri is an everyday-carry (EDC) knife that, despite its lightweight design (69g/2.42 oz), has all the necessary features.

This article will go over the entire process of how the Shieldon MT101 Colibri Blacksmith was born.

1) Design Consultation

The company began with the graphic image from the designer. Our team immensely loves the design and we discussed the feasibility of some design choices with the client. We went over various options for the material and construction of the knife.

With that, we created a 3D draft to demonstrate what we can do with the design. After some discussion and adjustments, we moved on to the next stage.

2) 3D Diagram

The 3D diagram allowed us to work on a few details and get a feel for how the knife will look in real life. Our team was keen on conceptualizing the grip, blade, and opener of the knife.

During this stage, we also made some decisions on the final material choices. We decided to use high-quality G10 material for the handle and tough stainless steel for the blade.

3) Initial Design

Together with the designer, we were able to come up with the initial design. Soon, we realized that we have to improve on some of the details to make it perfect. Our team considered the inner designs and structures and how these details can help innovate the knife.

4) Creating The Prototype

Our team decided to use a titanium pocket clip because it matched the overall sleek look of the knife. For the screws, we chose 154CM steel for its durability and resistance to rust. The interior design was changed to a nested liner lock as it is simpler to construct.

5) Size

Then, we went on to finalize the size of the knife. We made sure that it was comfortable to grip and use. The blade had to be short enough to be useful in a variety of situations but not too long that it becomes unwieldy.

6) Purpose

Our goal is to make the Colibri knife more life-like and fashionable instead of leaning toward a survival type of knife. We also wanted it to be affordable without compromising quality and style.

7) Rechecking of elements

Once that’s done, we went over the components based on the blade, clip, size, backspace, and everything else that needed to be considered in a knife. We also decided on the type of steel and stonewash finish for the blade.

8) Pivot

The pivot is one of the EDC folding knives’ most important parts because of clients’ preferences. If the pivot is meticulously-made,  the flipper tab can snap the blade open with little to no effort. We made sure that our pivot is adjustable so that it can be ideal for different users.

9) Branding

Our team wants to stand out and be different so we decided to go with a unique but classy look. We also customized the name “Shieldon” logo in the screw on the pivot to make it our own.

10) Testing

After putting it all together, we gave the knife a test run. We also checked if the color style matched and belonged to the overall finish look of the knife. Pantone was our go-to inspiration.

11) Finalization of Colors

Our team decided to go with the cornflower blue and lemon G10 on the scale and backspacer. This inspired the Ukrainian flat which is Max’s nationality. We also used a black stonewash blade to give it a more sophisticated look.

12) Quality Control

We made sure to check the size and structure of each element to see if it was up to par. We also tested the functionality and flipping action to make sure that it’s perfect for an EDC knife.

13) The Colibri Knife is born

After all the steps have been completed, we are proud to introduce the Shieldon Colibri knife. It is small enough for fashionable carry and convenience. We specifically designed this for daily use, whether it’s at work or during your daily adventures.

The perfect mix of style and function, the Colibri knife is definitely a head-turner. It’s also a great gift for friends and family who are into EDC knives. At first, our team faced a lot of challenges but we overcame them by working together. This is truly a knife that’s built to last.

The Colibri Knife is the perfect everyday carry. It has a sleek look and is comfortable to grip and use. Our team worked hard to make sure that it was of high quality and met all the requirements for an EDC knife. We also made sure that it was affordable without compromising style or quality.

General Uses of Colibri Blacksmith Knife

Opening boxes

The Colibri  Blacksmith knife is an excellent tool for opening boxes. Its sharp blade can easily slice through tape and cardboard.

Cutting rope

This blacksmith knife can also be used to cut the rope. Its serrated edge is perfect for sawing through rope quickly and easily.

Cutting plants

The Blacksmith knife can also be used to cut plants. Its sharp blade can easily slice through stems and leaves.

Cutting through tape

For tapes that are stuck on something, the Blacksmith knife can be used to slice through them. The Blacksmith knife is a versatile and handy tool that can be used in a variety of situations.

Cleaning fish

This blacksmith knife can also be used to clean fish. Its sharp blade can easily remove the scales and guts of the fish.

The Shieldon Colibri MT10A Knife Best Features

Sleek Design

Colibri has a streamlined design. The knife’s full-tang stainless steel handle provides ultimate durability. The high-carbon steel double-edged blade has a black oxide coating for corrosion prevention.


The handle scales are textured G10 – a tough composite material that is durable against temperature changes and provides a secure grip even when wet. The blade measures 3 inches long with a width of 1 inch – making it the perfect size for everyday tasks such as opening boxes or cutting cordage.

One of the most unique features of the Colibri is its patented “quick release” mechanism that allows you to deploy the blade with one hand.

The whole design is simple to put together thanks to the handle’s single SS416 T8 size screw, and it has a neat stylish look.

Blade Design Elements Colibri MT01A

The blade of the Colibri knife is 171 centimeters in length. The blade of this knife has been flat ground and given a stonewash finish, giving it a rugged and eye-catching look. Because of its versatile design, this knife may be used for anything from chopping to slicing to filleting.

Finally, the 15-20 degree angular sharpening keeps the greatest use close at reach when unpacking.


The knife is equipped with a caged ceramic ball bearing as well as a front flipper that is both smooth and simple to use. Leverage is moved closer to the knife’s pivot using this mechanism, facilitating a more controlled and rapid opening.

The blade has a nestler liner lock, which helps to keep it securely closed. This locking system is not only secure but also easy to manufacture. You can use it even if you only have one hand free.

Final Thoughts

The Colibri Blacksmith knife is the perfect everyday carry knife. It’s small and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. But don’t let its size fool you – this knife is packing a lot of power. With its sharp blade and serrated edge, the Blacksmith knife can handle just about anything you throw at it.

So, whether you’re opening boxes or cutting rope, the Colibri Blacksmith knife is up for the task. Get yours today and see for yourself why this knife is quickly becoming a Shieldon favorite.

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