Shieldon Meet The Everyday Carry (EDC) Culture In 2023

Have you ever found yourself in a bind and lacked the necessary tools to break out? What if you don’t have a pen with which to sign a ground-breaking contract? You don’t have any scissors for that Lays packet that won’t tear? This is where EDC (Everyday Carry) items come in handy.

An EDC kit has everything you will need on a regular basis. Convenience, sturdiness, and functionality are all essential aspects of EDC culture. Imagine a modern-day version of Swiss Army knife collectors, and you will have a sense of what the items are like. Today, we will focus on how Shieldon meets the everyday carry (EDC) culture in 2023.

What Is EDC Culture?

You are most certainly already practicing Everyday Carry culture, whether you recognize it or not. Everyday Carry, to put it simply, is a collection of items that a person travels with on a regular basis. These tools can be as simple as multitools, keychains, and wallets. Here is a quick list of must-have gear for those new to everyday carry.

Wristwatch: Time and punctuality are essential in today’s environment. Furthermore, many wristwatches now have helpful features such as torches, alarm clocks, and even fitness trackers. All these will have a significant impact on your daily activities.

Pens: Even if handwriting appears to be a fading art due to technological advancements, keeping a pen on hand is never a bad idea. Pens are still an essential part of adulting, whether it’s taking notes on a crowded train or signing off on documents.

Multi-tools: Multi-tools are a timeless innovation that defined everyday carry before it was even a thing. Swiss Army Knives are one of the most well-known types, but there are a variety of different kinds available today. However, be careful to verify your country’s travel requirements and general laws to avoid getting into difficulty.

Medical Equipment: This is highly dependent on the individual, but bandages, gauze, and your daily medication are all essential if you have any. In case of any emergency, medical equipment will help you carry out first aid with ease.

Wallets: EDC wallets are purposely designed to be helpful and valued. These wallets provide more than just a place to hold your cash and credit cards; they also offer security and protection. Because they are smaller and more compact than a traditional wallet, they may fit into any pocket.

Keychains. We have keys to our house, car, and anything else that needs to be secured. We can keep our keys together with the help of a keychain. Most people use a Key organizer because they don’t like keys jingling and jangling in their pockets. It’s similar to having a wallet for your keys. If you are wary of your smartphone’s screen being scratched by keys, investing in a critical organizer is highly recommended.

Importance Of EDC Items

Since EDC items are tools that make your work easy, check out more of the benefits they offer.

Self-Sufficiency: Unpredictability is a part of life, and EDC implies preparing for the unexpected. While you cannot anticipate every circumstance, you will be better prepared to face life’s problems in the vast majority of cases. And being ready means you can rely on me instead of waiting for someone else to assist you.

Self-Expression: EDC is a way of life. What you EDC is a matter of personal preference, much like the clothes you choose to wear every day. Some people prefer a fundamental approach to their EDC, while others prefer a more colorful approach.

Offers Protection: EDC items like a multitool provides protection when an emergency arises. A multitool has a knife which can come in handy when an animal or unknown man attacks you.

Types Of EDC Shieldon Pocket knives

Shieldon has delivered unique pocket knives, multi-tools, and more since 1998. They specialize in creating, manufacturing, and selling effective and dependable EDC pocket knives and multi-purpose tools for outdoor and everyday use to the global market.

Their significant manufacturing experience, together with our cutting-edge production equipment and ISO certifications, ensures that every product produced is of the highest quality. Below is a range of Shieldon pocket knives we recommend.

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Tortank 9Cr18Mov 67

The drop point blade on this folding pocket knife is made of 9Cr18MoV 67-layer Damascus steel. This blade is extremely tough and can be counted on at all times. Shieldon’s Charkos knives have a higher hardness rating than the other knife options they offer.

The blade’s ratings range from 60 to 62, making it suitable for a variety of tasks. Carbon fiber, which is 70% lighter than steel and 40% lighter than aluminum, is used for the handle. It has a strong tensile strength and will last a lifetime. It can tolerate stretching as well as heat. It can easily resist rust over time, even if you don’t take care of it. Below are some of the features of this Shieldon pocket knife.

Comfortable Handle Materials. The handles are made of high-quality materials to provide a pleasant grip that you may use for an extended period. G10+ carbon fiber is used in the manufacturing of the handles for this everyday carry pocket knife.

Blades of superior quality. This folding pocket knife’s blade is made of 9Cr18MoV 67-layer Damascus steel and features a drop point. This blade is highly durable and can be relied upon at all times.

Enhanced Blade HRC. Compared to other knife alternatives, this knife has a higher hardness rating. The blade’s ratings range from 60 to 62, allowing it to perform well in a variety of applications.

Reliable Opening and Locking Mechanisms. When it comes to accessing the blade on this pocket knife EDC, there are several alternative mechanisms. You can choose between flipper + thumb stud as open ways and liner lock as a secure way to lock in the blade.

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Bazoucan

Shieldon folding pocket knife bazoucan is one of the most versatile pocket knives that should never miss in your everyday carry bucket. You can count on this customized pocket knife when it comes to outdoor activities like hunting or camping. This pocket knife has the below features:

Reliable blade style. Their blades are preferred because of their solid and durable construction as well as their outstanding performance. They are utilized for a variety of activities, including hunting, camping, and fishing.

Comfortable grip. This knife features high-quality G10 handle materials for a better overall experience. These materials provide a secure grip and make the blades simple to operate.

Sturdy Blade. This knife’s blade is made of D2 materials to increase its sturdiness.

Enhanced Hardness. To accommodate the knife’s hardness, Bazoucan blades are constructed with HRC ratings ranging from 58-60.

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Boa

Boa is another pocket knife manufactured by the Shieldon company. It has a blade thickness of 3.5 mm and a blade length of 97 mm. Boa’s handle thickness is 14.45 mm with a total length of 222 mm and an overall weight of 127 grams. Let us go deep into the features of this Shieldon pocket knife.

Quality Handle Materials. The handles on Boa knives are made of G10 materials. This handle material is of exceptional quality and comes in useful when looking for a knife with a pleasant grip.

High-grade Blade Materials. Boa pocket knife blades are made of D2 material, which is highly durable and ensures that the blades operate correctly. You may rest assured that these blades will meet your needs and allow you to go about your daily activities with ease.

HRC Blade Reliability. Boa’s blades are made with a consistent hardness that ensures their endurance and usage. The HRC values on Boa knives range from 58 to 60.

Simple to Use. Most Boa knives are simple to use and built to meet your outdoor demands. These knives have reasonably lightweight, allowing you to enjoy their use for a variety of tasks.

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Empoleon

Empoleon is another tremendous and reliable foldable pocket knife available at Shieldon. Empoleon knife is lightweight, weighing 95 grams, allowing the user to perform different tasks efficiently. Empoleon has a blade thickness of 3mm and 90 mm of the length of the blade. Additionally, this Shieldon pocket knife also has a quality hand with 12.5mm thickness and a total length of 204 mm. Let us go deep into more of the features of Empoleon.

Reliable Open and Lock Mechanisms. Depending on the exact options you wish to work with, Barraskewda knives have varied opening and locking systems. This allows you to spend your money on a high-quality option that meets your requirements.

Optional Colors. Empoleon folding pocket knives are available in two different hues, giving you a variety of choices when selecting your knife. Black with a grey titanium coating and black with a black titanium coating are two of the colors available.

Quality Blade and Handle Materials. This drop point Empoleon folding knife is made with high-quality materials to give you the best options. The G10 material is used for the handles, whereas the D2 material is used for the blade.

Reliable HRC. Empolion blades are designed to have HRC ratings ranging from 58 to 60, making them ideal for use. They have the correct amount of hardness so that they can be used in a variety of applications.

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Barraskewda

Talk of style and design, barraskewda knife will top that list. It is also a pocket knife manufactured by Shieldon. It has a blade thickness of 3.5mm and 95 mm of blade length. Barraskweda has a thick handle of 13.4 mm with a total length of 219 mm. It also has a weight of 131 grams. Below are some of the Barraskewda knife features.

Quality Handle Material. The knife handles of the Barraskewda are composed of the best materials available, such as 3Cr14+ carbon, to ensure that they are comfortable to use. The handles are also engineered to provide excellent grip for a better experience.

Enhanced HRC. Barraskewda knives are all made to be extremely hard to guarantee that they work correctly when in use. Barraskewda knives have HRC scores between 58 and 60, making them excellent knife alternatives.

Color variations. Barraskewda knives are available in two different hues to provide you with a choice of options. Black with a grey titanium coating and black with a black titanium coating are two of the colors available. These alternatives are meant to provide you with more options when it comes to selecting the best solution.

Durable Blade Material. Barraskewda knives are produced using high-quality blade materials such as D2 to ensure their longevity. These blades are designed to be utilized in a variety of situations and provide excellent value.

To create EDC items that are appropriate for many locations and nationalities. Shieldon will cooperate with designers from all over the world in 2023 to generate EDC items with their distinct features. By just giving the features and design of your ideal EDC item, Shieldon will make what matches your preference.


What you carry on a daily basis should be very personal to you. It may sound cliched, but everyone is unique. As a result, what works best for you in an EDC will be different from what works best for me. The utility of your tools for outside jobs determines what you select to EDC. Your EDC should be a natural extension of who you are and what you do on a daily basis. Contact us for reliable EDC.

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