Most Common Usages of EDC Folding Knives

This useful, multifunctional gadget needs to be a mainstay in your toolbox. You will be sure that you’ll be prepared for anything and everything as you go about your daily activities by including an EDC folding knife in your collection of essential tools.

You’ll have a tough knife for everyday activities in addition to a flexible, multifunctional tool that’s fantastic to have in a pinch. It’s an investment that is extremely valuable. This article will concentrate on the benefits of owning an EDC folding knife and the factors you should take into account before making a purchase.

What are the Common Usages of EDC Folding Knives?

Let us explore the advantages of having an everyday carry knife at your disposal.

●      Cutting

It’s impossible to predict when an emergency may arise, whether it’s a dangling thread on your shirt or someone getting hurt without warning. EDC folding knives can be used to make tourniquets, cut bandages, remove clothing to treat wounds, remove thorns and splinters, and remove thorns and splinters from skin.

If you don’t have any scissors available, EDC pocket knives are great for snipping loose thread on garments. The tags on brand-new garments can also be removed with them. If you need to patch any kind of errant cloth quickly, this is the ideal device to keep in your luggage. Though, keep in mind that if you aren’t careful, you can get hurt.

●      Used during outdoor activities

An EDC folding knife should always be kept in your backpack or suitcase if you intend to participate in outdoor activities such as camping. It’s great for setting up a tent, chopping wood for a fire, opening portable containers, and generally preparing food. EDC folding knives might also help you if you enjoy fishing. You can start by cutting the bait into smaller pieces.

EDC pocket folding knives can also be used to cut the line after a fish is caught and to get a hook out of a fish’s mouth.When your fish is caught, you may quickly and easily gut it with a knife so you can either fry, bake, boil, or roast it as you please.

●      Food Preparation

The kitchen at camp and the one at home will both benefit from your EDC pocket knife. As a cost-saving measure, some people prepare their own meals while working. The EDC folding knife will therefore be utilized to cut any necessary items, such as tomatoes and onions, in this situation.

Be careful when handling food and use safe cutting techniques. The EDC pocket folding knife can also be used to skin animals before roasting or frying them while preparing food during camping. The meat will be sliced into pieces with the same knife before consumption.

●      Opening

Opening parcels, letters, and boxes at work or in any other setting is also a breeze with EDC folding knives. You will get a nice, clean cut with them instead of hurting your teeth or nails as you attempt to tear open a box. Additionally, carrying an EDC knife can prevent you from inadvertently ripping any mail or invoices with your fingers.

Your EDC pocket folding knife works well for cutting a hole in each side of beer cans if the opening requires them. That will enable you to down the brewski like the wild party animal that you are. Various other materials, including plastics, tape, cardboard, paper, twine, and rope, can be cut through with an EDC folding knife. Additionally, you may cut zip ties, open food packages, and cut/strip wires using this tool.

●      Used During Emergencies

The need to use your EDC folding knife may inevitably arise, despite our best efforts to never be in that position. In such a scenario, you might use your everyday carry folding knife to cut through a seatbelt to release yourself or even someone else during an accident or any other distressing event. EDC pocket folding knives can be used to provide first aid by cutting a bandage or piece of cloth to be used on wounds, or removing splinters.

Likewise, in kidnapping situations, folding knives might be useful for cutting a rope that is holding you captive. But keep in mind that in these circumstances, tact is required; otherwise, they risk doing more harm. An EDC knife can even be used as a weapon during self-defense. Especially if you, a loved one, or someone else feels endangered and needs to bring in some form of defense.

●      Used for Pruning Plants

Pruning entails removing selected branches from a tree or other plant. Getting rid of undesirable branches will enhance the plant’s appearance and encourage fresh, healthy growth. When working in your little garden, you can quickly prune the smaller plants using your pocket knife. Because EDC folding knives are lightweight, carrying out such tasks in your garden is easier to do without getting fatigued.

●      To Add Style to an Outfit

Though it may not seem significant, a man carrying a well-made pocket knife has a certain inborn coolness about him. The EDC version of pocket folding knives is truly a work of art. Every time you use one, you’ll attract attention and appear to be a lot cooler. It can be slid into your suit pocket or worn in a pair of jeans.

You’ll regret not having a stylish pocket knife earlier once you add one to your ensemble. You can also look sleek and collected by including a leather pocket knife in your cowboy attire, for example. Some people view owning an EDC knife as more than just a practical accessory. It is a lifestyle to them, they simply can’t do without it.

How to Choose the Right EDC Folding Knife

A good EDC folding knife can be the most important tool you carry with you every day, so choosing the right one is essential to both your productivity and your safety. The below points will help you make the right decision when buying one.


A good EDC folding knife needs to have a strong, durable blade. The blade should also be easy to sharpen and maintain. A good tip for choosing a blade is to pick one that is made of stainless steel or another high-quality material. An excellent quality blade will typically have an opening length of 3 inches or less.

Blade length is important because it determines the size of the object you can cut with your knife, for example, a 3-inch blade won’t be able to cut through 2x4s. Some knives come with serrated blades, which are ideal for sawing through a wood; however, they require more maintenance than plain blades because they can get caught on things and lose their edge faster.


An ideal EDC folding knife needs to have a comfortable and slip-resistant handle. You don’t want your hand slipping off the handle and onto the blade when you’re using it. The best handles are made from materials like G-10, Micarta, or polymer. They should also have a finger guard to protect your fingers from the blade. The material must be grippy so that it doesn’t slide out of your hands in wet conditions.


Considering the material used when making an EDC folding knife is important during selection. There are many good-quality plates of steel, but stainless steel may be one of the best for its strength and durability, meaning that it can hold up to wear and tear and corrosion in comparison to other materials like carbon steel or titanium. The blade should also be hard enough so that it will not become dull easily while remaining sharp.


A good folding knife doesn’t have to be expensive, but it should be affordable. You don’t want to spend too much on your first knife, but you also don’t want to get something that will fall apart after a few uses. Look for a knife that falls in the middle of the price range. It won’t break the bank, but it will still be high quality and dependable. You might not need a fancy knife if you are just using it around the house.


A good grip is important for an EDC folding knife because you want to be able to hold onto the knife while you’re using it. A slip-resistant grip will help you keep a firm hold on the knife, even when your hands are wet. The best way to determine if the handle is slip resistant is by feeling how smoothly it moves in your hand and how firmly it locks into place.

You should also check out reviews from other customers who have purchased the product. Some people may have had an issue with their grip slipping and weren’t happy with their purchase.


When choosing an EDC folding knife, it should be portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. It should be small enough to fit in your pocket, yet have a blade that is long enough to be useful for tasks like cutting rope or slicing fruit. The handle should be comfortable to grip, and the blade should lock securely into place when open.


A good folding knife should be lightweight so that it can be easily carried around with you. A heavier knife can be more difficult to control and may cause fatigue if carried for long periods. A good rule of thumb is to choose a knife that weighs no more than 4 ounces.

Keep in mind, however, that there are exceptions to this rule: If you need the extra weight for added stability, then opt for something on the heavier side. The extra weight will also help keep your wrist from getting tired as quickly. If a heavy knife is not an option, try using it only when necessary instead of constantly carrying it around.

Best 2 Shieldon EDC Folding Knives

Shieldon, a company established in 1998, manufactures multi-tools and folding knives of the highest caliber available globally. We specialize in designing, producing, and marketing trustworthy and efficient pocket knives as well as multi-functional instruments for outdoor and daily use on a global scale.

Each product we make is of the greatest quality thanks to our extensive manufacturing expertise, state-of-the-art production machinery, and ISO certifications. Here are some of Shieldon’s top folding knives.

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife 9Cr18Mov 67

This pocket knife has a drop point blade crafted of 67-layer 9Cr18MoV Damascus steel. This blade, which is the greatest EDC pocket knife available, is incredibly durable and always reliable. Compared to their other knife alternatives, Shieldon’s pocket knives are harder to use.

The blade is suitable for a variety of applications due to its ratings, which range from 60 to 62. The handle is made of carbon fiber, which is 40% and 70% lighter than aluminum and steel, respectively. It will last a lifetime and has high tensile strength. It can withstand heat and stretch. Even if neglected, it has the potential to resist corrosion.

OEM Folding Pocket Knife 3Cr13

OEM foldable pocket knives have a liner lock that keeps the user protected while they are using them. It is a folding knife with a blade that is 2.8 millimeters thick and a handle that is approximately 13 millimeters thick. On its whole, it measures around 199 millimeters, and it weighs a total of 106.5 grams. The OEM folding pocket knife 3Cr13 is a lightweight knife that is an essential addition to your everyday carry and should not be left out.

Up to this point, we believe you have learned different uses of EDC folding knives and how to choose the best for your daily use. We recommend you consider Shieldon folding knives because they guarantee quality and durability. We also offer different types of fixed blade knives and multitools with top-notch quality. In case you want to acquire your first folding pocket knife, please contact us.

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