Incredible Pocket Knife Models by Shieldon: Relicanth, Boa, Bulbasaur, Tranchodon

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Pocket knives these days are part of the modern toolkit for everyday use.

And Shieldon, a leading manufacturer of pocket knives, is bringing innovation to the table with its newest series – Incredible Pocket Knife models based on Relicanth, Boa, Bulbasaur, and Tranchodon.

These four distinct designs are perfect for any situation – whether you’re camping in the wilderness or preparing dinner at home.

With their sleek lines and sharp blades made from top-grade steel, these pocket knives will quickly become your go-to tools when tackling any job.

Each design offers unique features such as ergonomically designed handles to provide comfort while cutting and easy one-handed opening with secure locks to ensure safety when not in use.

Whether it’s outdoor adventures or everyday tasks around the house, Shieldon has an incredible pocket knife model that is right for you!

7070G2 Relicanth Pocket Knife

Relicanth folding pocket knives are crafted with the highest quality materials and designed to provide a comfortable grip.

These trusted tools can be used for extended intervals in various scenarios, allowing you to get maximum satisfaction out of them.

D2 blade material

The Relicanth pocket knife model is made of  D2 blade material, making it extremely durable and corrosion-resistant.

D2 blade material is widely regarded as one of the best steels for pocket knives. It is a high-carbon, high-chromium alloy that provides exceptional wear resistance, and great corrosion resistance, and can be heat treated to form a tough blade.

This makes it ideal for use in outdoor activities such as hunting, camping

Grey coating finish

Shieldon’s Relicanth pocket knife model is the perfect tool for any job. It features a sleek design and sharp blade made from top-grade steel, as well as an ergonomically designed handle to provide comfort while cutting.

To make it even more durable and corrosion-resistant, this incredible pocket knife model comes with a grey coating finish.

Blade HRC 58-60

Blade HRC 58-60 is an important aspect of pocket knives as it is indicative of the hardness and toughness of the knife.

This measurement is measured on the Rockwell Scale, which measures the depth of indentation made on a material when force is applied.

The higher the HRC rating, the harder a blade will be.

Flat Blade Grind

Flat blade grind is an important feature of pocket knives that can make all the difference in how it performs.

It refers to the shape of the knife’s edge, which should be flat and uniformly thin when viewed from a side profile.

This ensures that the blade is sharp and has maximum cutting power, making it ideal for slicing through tough materials with ease.

Flat blade grind also helps prevent chipping or tearing of material as you cut, ensuring a clean cut every time.

Furthermore, this type of grind requires less maintenance than other types since there are no hollow areas or grooves where dirt and debris can get trapped.

9043G Boa Pocket Knife

Investing in a Boa pocket knife ensures you’re getting unparalleled quality and comfort.

Crafted with G10 material, the handles of our Boa knives provide an incredibly comfortable grip for precise cutting whenever needed!

Yellow, white, and black handle color combination

The yellow, white, and black handle color combinations found on Shieldon’s Boa pocket knives provide a truly unique look.

The attractive color scheme is sure to catch the eyes of knife enthusiasts everywhere. Not only is it stylish and eye-catching, but the combination also helps you easily identify your knife in any environment.

Gray titanium coating blade finish

The Boa pocket knife model is made of top-grade steel and features a gray titanium coating blade finish for maximum durability.

This finish helps to protect the blade from rust and other corrosion damage, as well as providing an extra layer of defense against scratches and dings.

Blade HRC 58-60

Similar to the Relicanth pocket knife model, the Boa pocket knife is classified as a tough blade because of its HRC rating.

This means that it can withstand heavy use and abuse without sacrificing performance.

Tanto blade point

The tanto blade grind of Shieldon’s Boa pocket knives gives them an extra level of cutting power.

The aggressive blade shape allows the knife to cut through even the toughest material with minimal effort.

It is also a great choice for self-defense since it can be used to jab and thrust at an assailant with great precision.

D2 blade material

The Boa pocket knife model from Shieldon is made with top-grade D2 steel.

This alloy, crafted with high carbon and high-chromium content, offers remarkable protection against wear and corrosion. For anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures such as hunting or camping, this material is an ideal choice.

Tip-up Pocket clip

For added convenience, every Boa pocket knife comes with a tip-up pocket clip.

This allows you to carry the knife safely and securely while keeping it close at hand.

The clip is also designed to prevent the blade from being exposed in your pocket or bag, so you can rest assured that your pockets are free of sharp edges.

These features make the Boa pocket knife model from Shieldon a great choice for anyone who appreciates quality craftsmanship and convenience in their pocket knives.

With its top-notch materials, unique design, and impressive HRC rating, you can be sure that your investment in a Boa pocket knife will last for years to decades.

9061G-M Bulbasaur Pocket Knife

The Bulbasaur pocket knife from Shieldon has a lot to offer in terms of quality and design.

Crafted with high-grade materials, this model boasts an incredibly comfortable handle for precise cutting whenever needed!

The green and yellow pattern on the handle

This unique pocket knife features a green and black pattern along its handle.

The vibrant colors provide an eye-catching look that is sure to stand out in a crowd. The pattern also helps ensure you can easily identify your knife from others in any environment.

Layered G10 handle

The handles of the Bulbasaur pocket knife are crafted with a layered G10 material for maximum durability and grip.

This material is known for its excellent resistance to wear, tear, and corrosion—perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping or hunting.

Mirror polish blade finish

The mirror polish blade finish adds a polished look to the Bulbasaur pocket knife.

This layer of protection ensures that your blade stays sharp and corrosion-free for years on end.

Drop point tip design

For added functionality, the drop point tip design allows you to easily slice through materials with minimal effort.

This makes it a great choice for self-defense, as well as everyday tasks around the house.

Sandvik 14C28N Blade material

The Bulbasaur pocket knife model from Shieldon is made with top-grade Sandvik 14C28N steel.

This material is crafted to provide superior edge retention and resistance to corrosion, making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs a dependable blade they can trust.

7093D1 Tranchodon

If you are looking for a reliable and high-performing knife, Shieldon’s astounding collaborations with Django, one of the premier designers from Belarus, will certainly deliver.

These remarkable knives have been crafted to boast superior durability and excellence in performance. Investing in these magnificent creations is an excellent decision!

93mm/3.66” blade length

The Tranchodon pocket knife model from Shieldon has an impressive 93mm/3.66” blade length that is perfect for multi-functionality.

This makes it great for slicing, chopping and cutting through various materials with ease. The tip design also gives you the ability to precision cut with accuracy and control.

Damascus steel blade

This pocket knife model features a stunning Damascus steel blade that is crafted with 67 layers of Swedish steel.

The unique pattern of this material provides superior strength and an impressive HRC rating of 58-60, making it incredibly durable and reliable in any situation.

Ergonomic G10 handle

The Tranchodon pocket knife also features an ergonomic G10 handle that is designed to provide maximum comfort and grip.

The handle also features a subtle contoured design that reduces hand fatigue while in use, making it perfect for extended cutting sessions without tiring your hands out.

Reverse Tanto Point Blade Style

The reverse tanto point blade style of the Tranchodon pocket knife is perfect for everyday use and provides superior precision when cutting through various materials.

This makes it a great choice for anyone who needs a reliable and sharp blade they can count on.


Shieldon is a professional and reliable knife manufacturer that produces top-of-the-line pocket knives.

Whether you’re looking for something sleek and stylish, like the Bulbasaur Pocket Knife, or something rugged yet dependable, such as the Tranchodon model – Shieldon has got you covered.

All of their models are made with quality materials and crafted to provide superior edge retention, durability, and precision cutting power.

Investing in one of these remarkable creations from Shieldon will no doubt prove to be an excellent decision!

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