Gravity Knife Features and Differences from Folding Knives

Gravity Knife Features

Gravity knives are a unique type of knife that offer several advantages over folding knives.

They are known for their gravity-assisted blade deployment, which is both faster and more reliable than manual deployment methods used on most folding knives.

Gravity knives are a type of knife that features gravity-assisted deployment, giving them faster and more reliable blade deployment than folding knives.

The gravity knife has a unique design that differs from folding knives in two major ways: the gravity blade pivot, and the gravity-assisted locking mechanism.

Additionally, gravity knives feature a stronger locking mechanism than traditional folding blades, making them an attractive option for businesses looking to provide their employees with a safe and reliable tool.

In this article, we will explore the features and differences between gravity knives and folding knives so business owners can make an informed decision when choosing the best tool for their team.

Origin and History of Gravity Knife

Gravity Knife

Developed in 1937, the Fallschirmjägermesser was initially issued to German aircrew members and paratroopers for one essential purpose: cutting any trapped parachutist from their rigging if they landed with a snarled parachute or got caught up in trees or bodies of water.

The gravity knife features gravity-assisted deployment, which allows its blade to be quickly opened with just one hand.

The spike of the Luftwaffe knife was customarily used to untangle parachutes, and in times of distress, aircrew members would utilize it to free themselves from their harnesses or even cut through an aircraft’s aluminum hull after a crash landing.

In 1944, the LGK wasn’t intended to be used as a weapon for combat initially; however, it was soon distributed among the 1st Skijäger Division and SS units on the Eastern Front where its purpose shifted from regular use to close-quarter fighting.

Featuring a blunt spear-point blade and flat ground profile, the Flieger-Kappmesser holds an internal steel frame with wooden scales.

Its unique design tapers to a sharp utility edge making it perfect for everyday use!

To open the blade, simply point the knife downwards and flick up the fulcrum-style operating lever. Let gravity take effect to extend the blade out completely before releasing it – this will lock it in place securely!

To expose the blade of an LGK, simply flip the release lever while performing a quick wrist flick and keeping hold of your knife. Moreover, this device was equipped with a foldable marlinspike or awl for additional utility.

With its convenient accessibility, the gravity knife is perfect for those who are constantly on the go.

Not to mention, it has a much sturdier locking system than standard folding blades — making them more dependable and secure than other types of knives.

Additionally, gravity knives are more resistant to the elements and wear and tear than folding knives due to their construction.

Moreover, gravity knives generally feature a longer blade length than folding knives, resulting in more cutting surfaces. This makes gravity knives perfect for tasks that require precision and accuracy.

Overall, gravity knives provide an excellent combination of robustness, convenience, and performance — making them the ideal choice for anyone who needs quick access to a dependable knife!

Difference between Gravity Knife and Folding Knife

Gravity knives and folding knives both have similar looks and serve a variety of purposes, but each type of knife has distinct differences that make it better suited for specific tasks.

One main difference between gravity knives and folding knives is the way they are opened

Gravity knives open through gravity-assisted deployment while folding knives are typically opened with a thumb stud or another kind of manual opening device like an assisted opener.

Plus, gravity knives tend to be more reliable and secure than folding knives due to their gravity-assisted opening mechanism.

In addition, gravity knives have a longer blade length than folding knives, which gives them more cutting surfaces. This makes gravity knives great for precision tasks that require accuracy.

Another difference between gravity and folding blades is their locking mechanism

Gravity knives usually feature a stronger lock than most traditional folders, making them more dependable when performing demanding tasks.

Folding blades also tend to be slightly lighter in weight as compared to gravity blades due to their construction materials; however, they generally offer less cutting surface than gravity blades do due to their shorter blade length.


Additionally, gravity knives typically have sturdier construction than most typical folders since they don’t need any additional parts for opening or closing.

Except for the lever used for operating them — which makes them more resistant to wear over time and weather damage as well as the impact from drops or falls onto hard surfaces.

Also, gravity knives usually have better edge retention than folding blades due to their construction materials and the way they are deployed.

Advantages of Folding Knife

1) Folding knives have some unique advantages that gravity knives lack

Firstly, folding knives are generally more lightweight and discreet than gravity knives due to their smaller size and construction materials.

This means they can be easily carried in a pocket or concealed for tactical purposes.

This makes them ideal for everyday carry or uses in public settings such as airports where gravity blades may be prohibited.

2) Ease of access

Most folding knives come with a thumb stud or flipper tab which allows the user to quickly open the blade without having to perform any fancy wrist-flicking maneuvers like those required by gravity models.

Folding blades also tend to be much easier on your wallet compared to gravity models since they usually cost considerably less. This makes them great options for budget-conscious knife users who don’t want to break the bank when buying a quality cutting instrument!

3) Replaceable Parts

Unlike gravity knives, most folding models feature replaceable parts so you won’t have to worry about replacing your entire knife if something breaks or wears down over time.

You can simply swap out the offending part instead!

4) Safety

Folding knives also tend to be safer than gravity models since the blade is tucked away when not in use. This minimizes the chances of accidentally cutting yourself or something else.

This makes folding knives a great choice for those who need to use knives on a regular basis without having to worry about potential slip-ups.

5) Easier to Control

Lastly, folding knives are easier to control than gravity models since the user’s fingers never come in contact with the blade.

This makes them ideal for delicate tasks such as cutting food or whittling small items.

Ultimately, both gravity and folding knives have their pros and cons.

It is up to the user to decide which type of knife would best fit their needs based on their intended use, budget constraints, and other factors.

Best Folding Knife Recommendations

EDC Blacksmith EG01A Viper Knife

EG01A Viper Knife

The Blacksmith EG01A Viper is an excellent carrier for everyday knives.

This knife’s finish is a diamond-like coating that gives it the most protection and makes it very strong.

The flipper opening mechanism ensures safety, while the G10 and titanium grip ensures durability.

The Viper also includes a nested liner lock, so you do not have to worry about the blade shifting while in use.

Because it is made of such high-quality materials, this knife will maintain its sharp edge even after repeated use.

The EG01A knife’s slim and serpentine design makes it a versatile tool for any cutting task.

MS01A Hierophant Knife
MS01A Hierophant Knife

Blacksmith’s MS01A Blacksmith Hierophant has a modern honeydew finish that sets it apart from other knives while yet retaining the maker’s signature traditional look.

It is made with cutting-edge components including a contoured G10 grip and a nested liner lock. There’s a thumb stud and a flipper on the knife’s opening mechanism.

Bead blasting adds strength and longevity to the heat-treated pocket clip.

The Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A’s 95% deep carry tip-up clip ensures the knife is always within easy reach.

In addition, a ceramic ball bearing inside allows for opening through three separate deployment mechanisms.

It’s also built for ease of use, with a sleek, ergonomic sleek design. You may rest easy knowing you have a durable, long-lasting instrument with all of these qualities.

EDC MT01A Colibri Knife

Colibri Knife

Weighing in at a mere 69g/2.42 oz, the Colibri knife is incredibly light and portable – perfect for everyday carry!

Despite its small size, it’s surprisingly robust and meets all of your basic EDC knife requirements with ease.

The handle is made of G10 and has a blue and yellow backspacer and handle. This gives the handle a unique look and makes it stand out.

The blade on the Colibri knife is 154CM.

The knife’s blade is flat-ground and has a Stonewash finish, which gives it a rough and striking look. This makes it possible for the knife to do many different things, such as cutting, chopping, slicing, and fileting.

The knife’s tip is shaped like a drop-point, and the blade has a unique spin swedge that makes it thinner and better at puncturing. This makes it great for most everyday tasks.

The Nestler liner lock mechanism is embedded into the knife for added safety and ease of use.

With just one hand, you can securely activate this locking system which is not only simple to make but also provides an extra layer of security when using the knife.

This magnificent blade features a ceramic ball bearing and front flipper that operates seamlessly. The ergonomic lever moves nearer to the pivot, thus allowing for a smoother and faster opening of your knife with no effort on your part!


All in all, gravity knives provide a great combination of convenience, reliability, performance, and durability — making them ideal for any task that requires quick access to a dependable knife!

Overall, the gravity knife offers superior performance by providing quick access with robustness when dealing with tough tasks at hand.

This makes them a great choice for those looking for a dependable knife that can handle challenging tasks.

With their gravity-assisted opening mechanism, longer blade length, and sturdier lock, gravity knives have many advantages over folding knives and are the perfect tool for anyone who needs quick access to a reliable blade!

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