Everything You Should Know About the Colibri EDC Pocket Knife

the Colibri EDC pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a must-have tool for any person, not just the rough outdoorsman. Even urban residents can benefit from carrying a pocket knife with them wherever they go. Because you simply never know when you need to open that package, or chop up your avocado for dinner, right?

Being a very essential tool Shieldon has dedicated its time to the innovation and manufacture of new and unique pocket knives for your everyday carry. Designed by Max Tkacuk in partnership with shieldon and the newest addition to the Shieldon collection is the Colibri EDC pocket knife.

The Colibri EDC pocket knife is a lightweight, visually stunning, and efficient EDC pocket knife. It features some very unique features that are fast making it a popular knife among knife enthusiasts.

Let’s take a look at the design and features of this knife.

Blade Material

Shieldon colibri Blade Material

Different materials are utilized to make commercial knives, but selecting the proper one is critical for an exact and consistent cut every time. The materials are selected based on the purpose of your blade.

The blade material, 154CM, is sturdy enough to sustain a great deal of usage while also resisting corrosion. Most good pocket knives are built of heat-treated steel alloys that will withstand years of usage. Also, while stainless steel will not maintain an edge as well as carbon steel, it will last far longer before needing sharpening.

Knives made of carbon steel,  stainless steel, or titanium are the best. The blade on the Colibri EDC pocket knife is constructed of steel. This blade is far more durable than other types of blades.

Knife Handle

shieldon colibri Knife Handle

The handle of a decent pocket knife is undoubtedly the most significant element. You’ll be gripping this section of the knife with damp, chilly, or even bloody hands. A decent handle should be ergonomic and long-lasting, so take the time to read the reviews before purchasing a knife.

In today’s market, we have a highly massive assortment of knife handle materials to pick from. This was not always the case. When it came to pocketknives, your grandfather most likely had just a few materials to pick from.

The Colibri EDC pocket knife is a novel creation that employs the double contour  G10 handle. This is a dependable grade of Garolite, a fiberglass laminate composite. This material is highly hard, tough, lightweight, and robust. In fact, G-10 is regarded as the hardest of all fiberglass resin laminates, as well as being stronger (but more brittle) than Micarta.

Type of Blade

shieldon colibri Type of Blade

Some knife blade forms are intended for a single function, such as skinning an animal, but others are intended to be more utilitarian and suitable for a variety of tasks.

The best pocket knife blade length is between 2 1/2 to 5 inches long. In many places, blades longer than 5 inches are prohibited. The Colibri EDC pocket blade is 74mm long, which is great for folding and makes it an ideal pocket knife.

The drop-point utilized in the Colibri EDC pocket knife is one of the most popular blade forms, distinguished by a convex spine that folds down from the grip to the tip. This results in a more easily controlled tip and a larger belly for slicing. Drop points are perfect for hunters and are fantastic for general-purpose applications.

Our newest addition has a plain edge blade. Plain edged knives feature a straight edge and no serrations. Straight edges are more stable than serrated edges, so if you need to make extremely small cuts, this is the one for you.

This blade is extremely steady, allowing you to make precise and clean cuts. It is also less difficult to sharpen.

Number of Blades

shieldon colibri Number of Blades

Whenever it comes to EDC knives, less is more, except when it isn’t and when it truly doesn’t matter.

Single-blade pocket knives exist in a variety of forms and sizes, but their finest features are their minimalism and small size. Unlike multi-blade pocket knives, single-blade folders concentrate only on the design of one bigger blade. These knives often contain locking systems that make them tougher and stronger for more demanding tasks.

The Colibri EDC pocket knife is a single-blade EDC knife.

Pocket knives with multiple blades often have two, three, or four blades. Two-blade variants are the most common and often include a combination of spey, pen, sheepsfoot, or drop point blades. Three or four-blade variants, on the other hand, provide you the flexibility of having many blade types at your disposal.

Locking Mechanism

There are several locking mechanisms available for pocket knives, with new ones being created on a regular basis, it may be a bit overwhelming and exceedingly perplexing to someone new to the world of knives.

A locking mechanism prevents a pocket knife from closing when in use. As a result, you may utilize it without risking your hands. Nonetheless, there are so many different locking mechanisms that it may be good to learn about them and how they function.

There are three basic types of locking systems, which are as follows:

1:Liner Lock – A little piece of metal hidden inside the handle keeps the blade open. Simply insert your finger beneath the blade and slide it forward to disengage the lock piece to close it. This is most likely the most popular folding knife lock mechanism.

The Colibri EDC pocket knife employs a nested liner lock with a ceramic ball bearing with jimping on the spine of the blade, smooth and simple to open via the front flipper

2:Frame Lock – When the blade is opened, it locks into place. To shut it, press a projection on one side of the frame against another section of the frame, which unlocks the lock and allows you to close the blade.

3:Flip Lock – This operates similarly to a liner lock, except instead of a little metal piece within the handle, there is a toggle on one side. Insert your finger beneath the blade, then press down on the lever to free it and shut the knife.

Opening Mechanisms

shieldon colibri Opening Mechanisms

The opening technique of the pocket knife is yet another factor to consider. The ease with which you deploy your knife might be the crucial distinction between life and death, but it is also a question of ease when doing routine activities.

There are three sorts of pocket knife opening methods to select from manual, assisted, and automated.

1:Manual pocket knives need you to open the blade without the aid of a spring. They have a hole, groove, or thumb stud that allows you to flip the blade out. Traditional designs need two hands to open, however, contemporary designs may just necessitate one.

2:Assisted opening knives. Pocket knives with assisted opening enable for one-handed usage. When you open the blade past a certain point, a spring within the handle normally releases it (usually 30 degrees).

3:Automatic pocket knives, sometimes known as switchblades, open by pressing a button. These are usually highly restricted and only available to the military or law enforcement.  Exemptions are sometimes allowed for those who only have one hand.

Blade Maintenance

A well-maintained knife may last a lifetime.

If you use the improper sort of mix, blade maintenance might consume a significant amount of your time. The goal here is to ensure that the knife you purchase from Shieldon will last you a long time without the need for replacements or repairs. Among the numerous maintenance operations to keep in mind are blade cleaning, oiling, and sharpening.

A dull blade is more dangerous than a sharp one since it may easily slip and cause injury; thus, before purchasing your knives, ensure that you understand how to sharpen it properly. Sharpening processes for bigger blades is usually different from those for smaller blades, so before acquiring your knife, make certain you know how to sharpen both types of blades.

That said a Colibri EDC pocket knife is no different taking your time to care for it on a regular basis will go a long way in ensuring it serves you perfectly and for longer. Our trusted high quality steel blade material is easy to sharpen and retains the sharpness for a long time, this is a one of my personal favorite features of this knife.

Safety Issues

Shieldon colibri Safety Issues

A locking mechanism holds the blade in position as you use it. When choosing a knife, take in mind that some locking systems are more secure than others. If you anticipate using your knife in an emergency scenario where it may be wet or pushed around, consider one with a locking mechanism that is designed to remain sturdy even under pressure. The Colibri EDC pocket locking mechanism is dependable, making it one of the safest and most dependable pocket knives ever made.


The Colibri EDC pocket knife is not only a new design but also a much needed innovation in the EDC pocket knife field. We hope that the above information was insightful for anyone looking to invest in a new pocket knife.

To place your order for this exclusive knife, get in touch with us, at Shieldon. Our able team will send you a quote or even advise you further on the knife.

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