Essential Camping Gear: Why a Multi-Tool with Pliers is a Must-Have

If camping is on your radar, Victorinox’s “Swiss Tool” should be too! This is an ideal choice for those thinking about buying a multi-tool. Let’s delve into its user-friendly features and explore how it distinguishes itself from other Swiss tools commonly available. If EDC, or Everyday Carry, is your thing, owning this tool will be an asset worth the investment!

A Handy “Swiss tool” for Your Pocket 

When we talk about Victorinox’s multi-functional knives, we often think of notable models like the Huntman, Spartan, and Camper, which primarily feature large and small blades and can openers. As an avid camper, you likely own one or two of these yourself. 

But, have you heard about the “Swiss Tool” series? Touted as the ultimate multi-tool, it boasts an array of features including a large and small blade, a saw with pliers, and a screwdriver. This tool truly lives up to its reputation as a compact “tool box that fits in your pocket.” 

Multi-tool Essentials for Camping 

When you are out camping, the most commonly used tools tend to be the large and small blades, saws, and pliers. In particular, pliers prove invaluable for managing tasks around the fire, such as handling hot pots and lids, extracting retort pouches from pots, and snipping wires to gather firewood. 

Two Varieties of Swiss Tool Blades 

The Swiss Tool offers two kinds of blades: straight blades and serrated (wave blade) ones, with the choice varying by model. Maintaining optimum hygiene levels becomes easier by allocating one blade for food preparation and the other for tasks like rope cutting.

Do you prefer a camping tool complete with specific measurements or a ratchet mechanism? 

The Swiss Tool Series, originated in 1998, has been popular amongst armed forces due to its high precision and appealing design attributes. For instance, Swiss Tool, released in 2007, was notably adopted by the Dutch Army and later by the Swiss Army in 2010. The design of the handle, drawing a subtle radius, fits comfortably in your hand. This feature reduces fatigue during extended use, making your outdoor chores less burdensome.

Swiss Tool Spirit has gained attention with a limited sale of the Swiss Army bespoke model previously. However, the excitement continues since January 2017 with the release of Swiss Tool Spirit XBS and Swiss Tool BS. Both tools boast the same black coating as the military-supplied model, causing a stir amongst outdoor enthusiasts. 

The Swiss Tool BS priced at $210 is sleek in black, while the Swiss Tool Spirit Plus, equipped with a ratchet, costs slightly less at $200. The choice may seem difficult to make. 

The BS black coating doesn’t only increase corrosion resistance, but also suppresses light reflection, thus making the tool less noticeable to an observer. You’ll also find a cap crimper for setting the detonator on the fuse at the tip of the pliers. Although it’s not commonly used in camping, it does add an element of thrill. 

Lockable Handle for Precision Work 

The handle design allows it to lock at 90 and 180 degrees, adding versatility, especially for craft-related tasks. 

The Functionality Ranges Between 29 and 38! 

The Swiss Tool offers 29 functions including pliers, wire cutters (with a hardness of 40HRc or less), hard wire cutters, slotted screwdrivers 2mm / 3mm / 5mm / 7.5mm, and Phillips screwdrivers (Phillips type 1 + 2) amongst others. While it lacks a cork bottle opener, it does have an outlet to attach a bottle opener from the same series. 

The Swiss Tool Spirit Plus, however, includes a mini-ratchet. Although this dedicated bit resides in a red holder, it can be used with a general ratchet at a drive angle of 6.35 mm. 

The handle can also be extended in a unique manner. 

With a full bit set, you can quickly make adjustments onsite without having to retrieve the tools ensconced under the motorcycle or car seat. 

With extra functions like scissors and various bits, the Swiss Tool Spirit Plus packs 38 functionalities into a tool 10mm shorter than Swiss Tool. The ratchet and cork bottle opener are separate, making the tool not only compact but also easier to use.

Discover the Effectiveness of the Swiss Tool 

Victorinox offers a wide array of multi-tools, but for this article, I focused on two top-performers. While these multi-tools, particularly the Mountaineer, might be bulkier compared to the smaller versions I’m used to, they notably trump in terms of usability. The Swiss Tool, in particular, stands out, especially regarding its exceptional plier component. The thought of a tool that could potentially help you improvise an emergency repair, should any of your camping gear fail, is, indeed, quite reassuring.

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