The Step-by-Step Process of Making the Shieldon MT01 Colibri Blacksmith

Looking for a new pocket knife? You’ve probably come across Colibri. This knife has acquired popularity due to its small size, sharp double-edged blade, and lightweight construction, making it ideal for carrying everywhere. Renowned Ukrainian industrial designer Max Tkachuk collaborated with Shieldon to create the Colibri in 2022. Tkachuk was inspired to make a beautiful […]

Review Shieldon Bulbasaur 9061G-M

Article source: Chinese Knives: Review Shieldon Bulbasaur 9061G-M ( Introduction Not long ago I had the pleasure of trying a Shieldon brand pocket knife for the first time, without a doubt one of the most visually spectacular knives I have ever owned. In life, when you like something, you repeat, so I couldn’t help but check out […]

Review Shieldon Tranchodon 7093D1

Article source: Chinese Knives: Review Shieldon Tranchodon 7093D1 ( Introduction Many years ago I started my blogs and my YouTube channel, since then many brands have passed through my hands, but I never lose the illusion of trying a new one. As you know, I only show quality pieces, so I have to be picky […]


Knives have gone a long way from their early days in the business, and now they have various purposes that never fail to give results. It is essential to have access to the highest-quality knives that can be found. As a result of this, Shieldon and Eric Garza devised a cutting-edge product that is available […]

Shieldon and Eric Garza’s Process in Making the Blacksmith Viper EG01A Knife

As professional knife users and manufacturers, Shieldon and Eric Garza understand the importance of having a quality knife. Knife users need knives that can handle any situation, while knife manufacturers need knives that can be put through rigorous testing without fail. That is why they have teamed up to create the Blacksmith Viper EG01A knife. […]

Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A Knife Specifications

Matthew Szymanski and Shieldon are proud to present their ground-breaking new product, the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A. Blending traditional handiwork with cutting-edge electronics, this one-of-a-kind object is one to be treasured. A honeydew finish gives the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A a modern look while yet retaining the MS01A’s traditional shape and proportions. With cutting-edge materials like contoured […]

The Comprehensive Design Process of the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A Knife

The Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A Knife is a unique and innovative product, designed and crafted with the utmost attention to detail by Matthew Szymanski and Shieldon. The design process was comprehensive and incorporated both traditional techniques as well as modern engineering principles. From the selection of materials to the final testing and polishing, every step in […]

Customizing EDC Knife: Blade Design & Blade Material

Customizing an EDC knife is the perfect solution for those looking for a versatile and dependable everyday carry knife. Not only does it allow you to choose a blade design and material that best suits your needs, but it also allows you to create something unique to fit your style. From intricate designs carved into […]

Perfect for Your Outdoor Adventure: Shieldon BAZOUCAN EDC Knife!

Watching video here: If you’re in need of a trustworthy, lightweight EDC knife for your outdoor journeys then the Shieldon BAZOUCAN is just what you’ve been searching for! Crafted with strong and lasting materials, this handy tool will never let you down. This high-quality folding knife is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions with […]