Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A Knife Specifications

Matthew Szymanski and Shieldon are proud to present their ground-breaking new product, the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A.

Blending traditional handiwork with cutting-edge electronics, this one-of-a-kind object is one to be treasured.

A honeydew finish gives the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A a modern look while yet retaining the MS01A’s traditional shape and proportions.

With cutting-edge materials like contoured G10 for the handle and a nested liner lock for security, this knife is a cut above the rest. The blade is opened with a thumb stud and flipper.

The bead blast coating on the pocket clip has been heat treated to make it both strong and long-lasting.

This item’s craftsmanship is its crowning achievement; it’s made with care from high-quality materials and is built to endure.

In addition, it is built with convenience and ease of use in mind. With these characteristics, you have a durable and trustworthy instrument that will serve you well for years to come.

This blog will focus on the specification of MS01A and everything that you need to know about the product.

Design Philosophy of the Maker and its Concept Value

Matt Szymanski first recommends entering the market using lower-quality materials so that clients may get to know the designer. But Shieldon is confident that they can make the materials high-end.

We made a “half deep carry clip” since the designer requested additional depth in the pocket clip’s construction.

In addition, the G10 color matching is highly sought after in the knife industry. Both the grip and the backspacer are a beautiful honeydew color.

The idea for this object comes mostly from Greek mythology, thus the name Hierophant.

Quick Overview of Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A Knife

The Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A knife, designed by renowned American industrial designer and knife aficionado Matthew Szymanski, weighs in at a feathery 121 g (4.27 oz).

This knife is perfect for EDC or outdoors as it’s lightweight. Activities such as hiking, camping, and everyday carry are made easier.

Here are the following specifications of the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A knife:

Knife Blade

The blade of the knife is made by 154CM steel. This item originates in the United States. The knife is handy for doing routine tasks such as cutting various items.

This knife comes already sharpened at an angle of 15-20 degrees. This is so the user can get the most out of it straight away. It also has a swedge that makes the knife look nicer and balances the blade better.

This knife has a satin finish and the blade has been flat ground, which draws attention to the lines on the bevel while reducing any reflected glare that may otherwise be present.

Knife Handle

One of the screws that secure the backspacer is located in the handle of the knife, while the other is concealed in the scale.

A nested liner lock is also included, which makes the knife more suitable for daily carry (EDC) and the regular folding knife than it would have been otherwise.

Honeydew mixed jade G10 is used on both the handle and the backspacer, which is accented by the divine Hierophant logo.

Knife Accessory

It is simple to hide the knife thanks to the 95% deep carry tip-up clip that is included with the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A. This clip also makes it easy to remove the knife from a pocket when it is required.

Furthermore, it has a ceramic ball bearing inside of it, which makes it simple to open using any one of the three various deployment techniques.

Knife Ball bearing

The ball bearing of the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A knife is caged ceramic. A caged ceramic material is proven to be one of the most durable materials for pivot bearing.

Furthermore, it is also lightweight and does not have any contact with the blade once it has been opened, meaning that it can last longer without needing any maintenance or lubrication.

Knife Blade Style

The blade style of this knife is a drop point. A drop point is a kind of knife blade that has a slope that runs all the way from the handle of the knife to the tip of the blade on the spine of the blade.

With this design, the thicker, stronger spine of the blade may extend all the way to the sharp end. Plus, the drop point tips are very strong and versatile, making it a great choice for everyday carry and tasking.

Open Way

The open way of the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A knife is a flipper or a thumb stud. The flipper is especially useful as the user can easily open and close the blade quickly.

Moreover, the thumb stud is useful for opening the blade with one hand, which will make it easier to open quickly in case of emergencies.

Knife Blade Finish

The knife blade finish is satin. Satin is a popular finish for knives and it has become an industry standard. It is created by polishing the blade with abrasive belts of increasing fineness until a semi-matte texture is attained.

This finish helps reduce reflections and allows the user to see the lines on the bevel more clearly.

Pocket Clip

The pocket clip is a bead blast. A bead blast finish is created by shooting beads of glass at the surface of a material with compressed air.

This process helps create an abrasive and matte texture that is ideal for a pocket clip.

This finish is often used for knives as it helps create a discreet look and also prevents any accidental reflections that could otherwise be visible in public.

Furthermore, this finish is more resistant to scratches and dirt that may accumulate over time.

Lock Mechanism

The lock mechanism on the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A is a nested liner Lock. A nested liner Lock is a type of locking mechanism that uses a small steel piece to wedge between the frame and tang of the blade when it is closed.

This provides a secure lock and prevents the blade from accidentally opening when not in use. This is an ideal choice for a pocket knife as it provides reliable and secure locking without any extra weight.

Additionally, the nested liner Lock ensures smooth and easy deployment of the knife blade when needed.

Carry Orientation

The carry orientation of this knife is the right hand. This is a great choice for users who are right-handed as the clip is already oriented in the direction of their dominant hand.

This means that the user can draw and deploy the knife quickly and easily when necessary. Furthermore, it also ensures that the blade does not get in contact with other items stored in your pocket or bag.

Final Thoughts

The Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A is a great everyday carry (EDC) knife that has been designed with precision and top-notch materials.

If you need more information, contact Shieldon today! We have years of experience delivering top-quality knives, and our team of experts is here to help find the perfect EDC knife for your needs.

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