The Comprehensive Design Process of the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A Knife

The Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A Knife is a unique and innovative product, designed and crafted with the utmost attention to detail by Matthew Szymanski and Shieldon. The design process was comprehensive and incorporated both traditional techniques as well as modern engineering principles. From the selection of materials to the final testing and polishing, every step in […]

Customizing EDC Knife: Blade Design & Blade Material

Customizing an EDC knife is the perfect solution for those looking for a versatile and dependable everyday carry knife. Not only does it allow you to choose a blade design and material that best suits your needs, but it also allows you to create something unique to fit your style. From intricate designs carved into […]

Perfect for Your Outdoor Adventure: Shieldon BAZOUCAN EDC Knife!

Watching video here: If you’re in need of a trustworthy, lightweight EDC knife for your outdoor journeys then the Shieldon BAZOUCAN is just what you’ve been searching for! Crafted with strong and lasting materials, this handy tool will never let you down. This high-quality folding knife is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions with […]

Incredible Pocket Knife Models by Shieldon: Relicanth, Boa, Bulbasaur, Tranchodon

Watching video here: Pocket knives these days are part of the modern toolkit for everyday use. And Shieldon, a leading manufacturer of pocket knives, is bringing innovation to the table with its newest series – Incredible Pocket Knife models based on Relicanth, Boa, Bulbasaur, and Tranchodon. These four distinct designs are perfect for any situation […]

The Ultimate Selection of the Best Everyday Carry Knife Brands

The iconic pocket knife is the only item that differentiates a regular phone, wallet, and keys setup from a proper (EDC) daily carry. It’s become a symbol of security, and it’s often regarded as a necessary piece of EDC equipment. Simply said, a good pocket knife may come in handy for a wide range of […]

Distinguishing Between a Penknife and a Pocket Knife

If you’re new to the concept of daily carry (EDC), you may be overwhelmed by unfamiliar language and/or unclear where to begin. We’d like to clarify! One of the best things about knives is the wide range of options available. A pocket knife is a very personal tool, and you should choose one based on […]

How Much Does a Pocket Knife Cost? Which Is the Ideal Budget Range.

Pocket Knife

Anyone new to the world of knives may find it all a little intimidating, with so many pocket knife manufacturers, material kinds, and terminology to choose from. What are we even discussing? What is the purpose of a knife? And where should you go for the greatest pocket knife for your requirements? Everyone’s likes, finances, […]

How to Make Efficient Use of Tactical Folding Knife in CQB

You might be asking yourself why do militaries have to walk around with tactical folding knives when they already have guns. Tactical folding knives play a huge role in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) in self-defense. There are instances where a tactical folding knife will count most especially when in confined places where you can only […]

The History of Damascus Steel and Folding Knives

For everyday carry knives and blades in general, size, style, practicality, deployment, and materials are all important. Because most steel blades are homogeneous in their silver-tone, they don’t have a big impact on the aesthetic of a knife. With Damascus steel, however, this is not the case. The wavy flowing patterns of this unique material […]