The Ultimate Guide to Pliers: 10 Types and Their Best Uses Explained

Pliers are indispensable tools across numerous work environments, from carpentry and electrical work to metalworking and general maintenance. This article aims to introduce 10 different types of pliers, detailing their specific applications and how they can enhance your toolset’s versatility and efficiency. Basic Concepts of Pliers Basic Construction and Working Principle of Pliers  Pliers consist […]

Fixed Blade vs. Folding Knife: Find Out Which One You Need

Fixed blade knives and folding knives each occupy distinct positions within the knife category, encompassing a range of features and applications. This article aims to compare and contrast the characteristics and use cases of both types, offering valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. Definition and Features of Fixed Blade Knives Fixed blade […]

Essential Camping Gear: Why a Multi-Tool with Pliers is a Must-Have

If camping is on your radar, Victorinox’s “Swiss Tool” should be too! This is an ideal choice for those thinking about buying a multi-tool. Let’s delve into its user-friendly features and explore how it distinguishes itself from other Swiss tools commonly available. If EDC, or Everyday Carry, is your thing, owning this tool will be […]

Survivor’s Guide to Choosing the Right Outdoor Survival Knife – A Comparative Study

If you’re a hardcore adventurer or just someone preparing for a possible survival situation, selecting the right outdoor survival knife is essential. Just as every adventure is unique, so are the tools you need to navigate them. In this article, we’ll compare various outdoor survival knives based on their utility, durability, and efficiency in survival situations.  From […]

How to Customize a Suitable EDC Multi-Tool

There are so many things that you can do with your EDC multi-tool to transform it into the perfect tool that meets your needs. Many EDC multi-tool manufacturers deal with customizations where they make specific tools that are based on the specifications of the client. This is never an easy job as they have to […]

Top 20 Best Everyday Carry Multifunction Tools

Multifunctional tools, sometimes known as multi-tools, are among the most useful items you can acquire. They’re like carrying along a whole toolbox full of the equipment you’re likely to need in the great outdoors. Although they may have some common features and capabilities, different multipurpose tools each have their own form and mode of operation, […]

What Is the EDC Multi-Tool? Why You Need an EDC Multi-Tool

Multi-tools are among the most versatile tools you will ever come across. Imagine an all-in-one contraption that comes with a blade, screwdrivers, files, bottle openers, pliers, among other things. It is like walking around with a miniature version of a complete toolbox. Multi-tools are some of the most reliable things you can carry around with […]

Shieldon Top 10 Best EDC Folding Pocket Knife

An EDC folding knife is one of the most versatile and flexible knives you will ever come across. They are not only small and lightweight, but strong and are not much of a hassle at all. You can simply fold it up and keep it well hidden away inside your pocket, and no one will […]

Why EDC Folding Pocket Knives Are Better than Fixed Blade Knives

Every Day Carry knives are very common, and they are loved by many people because they are easy to carry around, have very easy designs, and you can literally find them in any knife shop you walk in. On the other hand, we have fixed knives, which are more robust and will see you through […]