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How to Customize a Suitable EDC Multi-Tool

There are so many things that you can do with your EDC multi-tool to transform it into the perfect tool that meets your needs. Many

Outdoor Pocket Knife

Top 20 Best Everyday Carry Multifunction Tools

Multifunctional tools, sometimes known as multi-tools, are among the most useful items you can acquire. They’re like carrying along a whole toolbox full of the

Outdoor Pocket Knife

Most Common Usages of EDC Folding Knives

This useful, multifunctional gadget needs to be a mainstay in your toolbox. You will be sure that you’ll be prepared for anything and everything as

Outdoor Pocket Knife

Review Shieldon Bulbasaur 9061G-M

Article source: Chinese Knives: Review Shieldon Bulbasaur 9061G-M (chinese-knives.blogspot.com) Introduction Not long ago I had the pleasure of trying a Shieldon brand pocket knife for the first

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Review Shieldon Tranchodon 7093D1

Article source: Chinese Knives: Review Shieldon Tranchodon 7093D1 (chinese-knives.blogspot.com) Introduction Many years ago I started my blogs and my YouTube channel, since then many brands

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Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A Knife Specifications

Matthew Szymanski and Shieldon are proud to present their ground-breaking new product, the Blacksmith Hierophant MS01A. Blending traditional handiwork with cutting-edge electronics, this one-of-a-kind object

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The History of Damascus Steel and Folding Knives

For everyday carry knives and blades in general, size, style, practicality, deployment, and materials are all important. Because most steel blades are homogeneous in their

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EDC Pocket Knife Lock Types

If you are seeking to buy a pocket knife, especially for a first-time buyer, all of the options can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of

Outdoor Pocket Knife

When Were Folding Knives Invented?

We can all agree that a pocket knife is an essential tool for a wide range of tasks. Over the years, this item has shown

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What Is The Favorite Multi-tool For Everyday Carry?

Multi-tools are the most adaptable of all the various types of daily carrying equipment. When building pocket tools, the two most important considerations are portability

Outdoor Pocket Knife

The 10 Best Pocket Knives for EDC in 2023

Most people do not understand the value of owning a pocket knife because they do not engage in activities such as skinning, fishing, or even

Outdoor Pocket Knife

Best EDC (Everyday Carry) Gear for 2023

Everyday carry has become one of the most popular methods of being prepared. However, you’ll agree with me that determining which items are the most

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Knives that James Bond Used in the Movie

When it comes to iconic spy gadgets, few are as recognizable as the knives that James Bond has used in his movies. From razor-sharp blades

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What You Need to Know about Ballistic Knives

Ballistic knives can be fired with the press of a button.   The blades of ballistic knives can reach velocities up to 60 meters per second

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Top 10 Best Knife of Shieldon 2022

In the world of everyday carry (EDC) knives, Shieldon is set to be one of the best brands in 2022. With its wide range of

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Parts of a Hunting Knife: How They Are Made

Hunting knives vary from traditional kitchen knives in a variety of ways, including their design and intended application. Hunting knives are smaller but more powerful,

Outdoor Pocket Knife

8 Tips for Maintaining a Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is an important tool for hunters. It is used for skinning and butchering games. As tough as they may seem, hunting knives

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